FH 201: Digging Out The Fantasy Team

Nearly three feet of snow does not sound like much to people that live in the Lake Effect Snow Belt regions along the finger lakes, but it becomes a huge deal when it falls in about 16 hours. This sounds like the craziest thing in the world but what if the following occurred: Your fantasy hockey team cannot be set for several days because of a severe winter storm.

Now this does sound very laughable. Yet this is a reality for many in leagues this week. When the big bad snow storm plowed in, no one knew that it would do the damage it did. The reality is the effects are still being felt even on Wednesday, a full two days after the snow has ended.

So as I sit here trying to assemble some laptop cooling table for my office netbook, I realized what if you still are digging out or do not have internet or power? What can you do? Other than hoping you have a little WIFI juice from your handheld device, there are ways so that this does not happen again hopefully.

Always try and set your rosters in advance. Take a look at trends and outlooks as you need to because one never knows the day the unthinkable happens.   Also, there are a variety of other natural disasters that can cripple your ability to access your fantasy hockey team. Believe me, no one forgot those.

Mudslides, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis (amongst 0thers) are far more serious than a crippling snowstorm. Not to say that snowstorms cannot be deadly but to a seasoned winter person, it is not all that bad.

Yes things take time to return to normal but it is manageable. The house is still intact? Okay then life goes on. One may miss a week or even two at the tops but have a backup plan in place.

How can you do that? Use your friends. Yes there are times (in money leagues particularly) where you will need to phone a friend in case of an emergency to surrogate your fantasy hockey team. This happens more than most think and is not really all that crazy honestly. Even worse, there are life altering experiences and illnesses that happen as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are many things we should be very thankful for. Just the fact, that I can talk about fantasy hockey the way I do makes me very humble at this time of year where there are so many worse things going on in the world.

So to be simplified and clear about this. Digging out your fantasy team can be a challenge but is very doable. The key is you have to know people you can trust that will do exactly what you want your fantasy team to do.

The next question is do you pay them?  That answer is no unless its a money league and you win some. Then you should be obliged to give somewhat of a share. That really is the right thing to do.

Also it is helpful — if you have to — to send these people an email or two describing how your fantasy team is to be run. If it really is like your baby, then you want it done right and most will respect that.

Over the weekend, we will take a look at what to look ahead at in the first month of the year 2011. Maybe on Sunday’s show we will even look back on the fantasy impacts of 2010. Stay tuned and by all means comment away.

Have a safe and Happy New Year Inside Hockey readers!



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