Fantasy Week 22: Post Trade Deadline

The NHL Trade Deadline is February 28, 2011, which is the first day of this scoring period. This will play a huge role in who you dress as you could plan on dressing a player because of who he plays for or who they are playing against however all that could change sometime on Monday with a trade.

The NHL deadline is 3 p.m. so that leaves just five hours between deadline and the first game for you to dress your line-up knowing who has been traded and to where. Players that get traded tend to raise their level of play in their first few games with a new team as they are trying to impress their new teammates, coaches and GMs. So look to dress those traded players.

Games to be played in week 22:

FOUR GAMES: Buffalo, Calgary, Chicago, Detroit, Florida, Minnesota, NY Islanders, NY Rangers and Vancouver

THREE GAMES: Anaheim, Atlanta, Boston, Carolina, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Montreal, Nashville, New Jersey, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Jose, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Washington

TWO GAMES: Colorado

When it comes to dressing your players for the upcoming week, especially your goalies, it is important to know which team is on a long road trip and which team is enjoying an extended period at home. Listed below are the teams that play at least three home/away games this week or play all their games at home or on the road (home/road records up to February 23, 2011):

HOME: Anaheim (17-9-1), Atlanta (13-12-5), Los Angeles (17-9-1), NY Islanders (12-14-4), NY Rangers (14-13-3) and San Jose (15-10-3)

AWAY: Buffalo (15-10-4), Columbus (15-10-4), Dallas (14-14-1), Detroit (20-8-2), Montreal (13-15-1), Nashville (17-15-1) and Pittsburgh (16-9-4)

If you participate in any type of head-to-head hockey pool then you are likely dressing a lineup for each scoring period, which usually ends on Sunday. As the week comes to an end and you find yourself in a close battle for those wins you want as many players as possible playing for you. Here are the teams that play on Sunday (record for Sunday games up to Week 20):

Anaheim (7-4), Buffalo (1-2), Calgary (3-2), Florida (2-2), Minnesota (3-4), Nashville (3-3), NY Islanders (2-4), NY Rangers (4-4), Philadelphia (5-2), Vancouver (4-3) and Washington (8-1)

When you are deciding which goalie to dress you need to look at the NHL schedule to see if your goalie’s team will play in a back-to-back game that week. Most coaches will not dress the same goalie in back-to-back games so that is something to consider when you are thinking about which goalie to dress for the week. Here are the teams that play in back-to-back games this week (record of second game of back-to-back up to Week 20):

Buffalo (5-9), Calgary (4-6), Carolina (6-7), Chicago (6-5), Columbus (8-5), Dallas (3-6), Detroit (6-4), Florida (4-8), Minnesota (3-10), NY Islanders (4-9), NY Rangers (10-5), Ottawa (3-8), Philadelphia (8-4), Pittsburgh (7-4), Tampa Bay (6-6), Toronto (5-6) and Vancouver (7-3)

Chicago plays on Monday after playing this Sunday, giving them a second set of back-to-back games this week.

Knowing which team is on a hot streak or cold streak will help in making your lineup decisions, for example you definitely want to dress a goalie from teams that are on a hot streak. Here are the top five and bottom five teams up to February 23, 2011:

TOP FIVE: New Jersey (9-0-1), Phoenix (8-2-0), San Jose (8-2-0), Columbus (7-2-1) and NY Islanders (7-3-0)

BOTTOM FIVE: Dallas (1-8-1), Colorado (1-8-1), Atlanta (2-7-1), Ottawa (2-6-2) and NY Rangers (3-6-1)

Most elite stars are consistent scorers, but there are several players who are very streaky so keep an eye on their stats so that you can dress them while they are on a hot streak. Here are the top five scorers up to February 23, 2011 for the past 7 and 14 days:

SKATER PAST 7: Matt Moulson-NYI (GP-4 G-6 A-1), Daniel Cleary-DET (GP-4 G-4 A-2), Andy McDonald-STL (GP-4 G-4 A-2), Rick Nash-CBJ (GP-3 G-3 A-3), Alex Ovechkin-WASHINGTON (GP-4 G-3 A-3)

SKATER PAST 14: John Tavares-NYI (GP-8 G-5 A-7), Moulson (GP-8 G-8 A-3), Michael Grabner-NYI (GP-8 G-8 A-3), Curtis Glencross-CAL (GP-7 G-6 A-5), Patrick Kane-CHICAGO (GP-7 G-5 A-6)

Here are the top five goaltenders and bottom five goaltenders up to February 23, 2011 for the past 14 days:

HOT GOALTENDERS PAST 14: Johan Hedberg-NJ (GS-6 W-6 SO-2 GAA-0.82), Ilya Bryzgalov-PHO (GS-6 W-6 GAA-2.11), Al Montoya-NYI (GS-3 W-3 SO-1 GAA-1.42), Antti Niemi-SJ (GS-7 W-5 SO-1 GAA-1.85), Corey Crawford-CHI (GS-6 W-4 GAA-2.12)

COLD GOALTENDERS PAST 14: Peter Budaj-COL (GS-6 L-4 GAA-3.44), Kari Lehtonen-DAL (GS-6 L-4 GAA-2.81), Tomas Vokoun-FLA (GS-5 L-3 GAA-3.18), Ryan Miller-BUF (GS-5 L-3 GAA-2.96), Cam Ward-CAR (GS-7 W-2 GAA-2.84)

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