Fantasy Hockey 201: Twisted Turkey Time

People start to notice that in some keeper leagues and other formats as well that fantasy hockey trade deadline appear almost around the corner. Every league is different. So by all means, check accordingly. Who knows at some point the IHFDL will have a show on their trade deadline.

First, we bring news from another equally unique league. The North American Fantasy Hockey Alliance (NAFHA) for short has announced that it will have its trade deadline show on Feb. 5th at 10:30 p.m. ET on Blog Talk Radio.

If anyone has any trade deadline shows or activity they want to spotlight, just leave us a comment and we will be glad to critique trades and break them down. One never knows what will appear on this column and the readers have more of a say than anyone else what goes here. These are some of these things that we want to do for everyone as the second half of the season rolls on at Fantasy Hockey 201.

The goal here is to not only improve fantasy hockey awareness but abilities as well. Instead of listing the usual turkeys, we are offering this week’s column as a preview of what is to come. The Turkeys have brought it to my attention that fantasy hockey is so much more than setting your roster which is very true. Also, we will start emphasizing things that really matter which your fantasy teams as the March playoff season rolls in.

Why do this now? Well this is the perfect time. Most fantasy playoffs begin in eight weeks or left unless you are in leagues that do not do playoffs. Rotisserie leagues and most points leagues are good examples of that. If you want to really do well, then you will listen to the many fine people that grace Inside Hockey.

Here is a somewhat tentative outline of how it will go over the next seven or eight weeks. This is how it will go.

Twisted Turkey Gameplan

Week 1:  Get the team into “playoff shape”

Week 2: Looking at competition…know thy enemies and friends

Week 3: Killing off your dead “Weight”.

Week 4: What guys excel in the stretch?

Week 5: What stars may fold in March and April?

Week 6: Study Review Time.

Week 7 and 8:  The Final Battle

These will be fun yet simple columns detailing what you need to do if you are on the outside looking in to either get back to respectability or in the playoffs. There will be quite a few people who will be consulting with me on these columns and there will be plenty of questions asked to give the reader maybe an answer to something that has been bugging them for a long while.

If you have any questions, just ask them at this point. It is crunch time. There is no time for tomorrow because if you are battling for your playoff life or on the outside looking in, it is time to pick it up or see someone else have that chance to take home your league’s trophy. Do you really want that? Well if you don’t, then we will attempt to get you ready for what is to come.

The turkeys will be here to assist you as well with players to avoid like the plague as well so we have you covered. Good luck and bring the heat to us and we will try to help you out in your fantasy hockey leagues.


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