Fantasy Hockey 201: The End Is Nigh (Part 1)

Finally the end of the season is just about here. Six months of fantasy hockey has now come down to this last final push. For many the season is over already and even some leagues finished early this year to offset any potential last week “tanking” and roster gouging.

Simply we wanted to thank Inside Hockey first and foremost for putting up with us quite honestly.

Now to turn the fantasy hockey world on its heels and admit some of what we predicted wrong and right for this season. Yes there is a week to go but it is time to come clean now.

There were things we said in training camp that have come back to bite us considerably. Rather than list all the things we were right on, why not just talk abou the ones that went wrong and in some cases, hideously bad.

And now we present our first annual “Turkeyed” predictions. Again though this is not NSFW, it should be viewed with a hockey expert not named Andy Sutton.


Lars Eller (Montreal)

It started out with so much promise. Eller was projected to be in Montreal’s top six which is not a bad place to be. He was projected to finish with maybe 35-45 points and at least contribute somewhat on the man advantage.

Needless to say, it was a horror show the likes of those old B-movies that made you laugh before anything else.

Eller did put a nice stretch of 9 points in 11 games together in February and early March but has since gone right back into that season long funk that now seems destined to swallow him whole. Sixteen points (7 G, 9 A) is not what was expected at all.

Now he is only 21, so maybe he just was not ready for prime time just yet. Clearly his ice time became an issue as well and part of the reason why the production is not where it should be. Sometimes, we just do not take into account of things like how much a coach plays a player. That lesson just has to be learned.

Jonathan Bernier (Los Angeles)

Well we thought he would be starting by now but give Jonathan Quick credit, he found a way to hold on to his job. Not only has Bernier not been able to wrestle the job away from Quick but Quick actually emerged in some Vezina Award conversation.

Now Bernier has not been all that bad but his numbers are not near Quick’s. His GAA of 2.46 GAA and a .913 save percentage is not bad, but clearly he needs to improve on his puck handling and rebound control.

Simply in retrospect, both Eller and Bernier will be good in a couple years but this year they were just not quite ready to make that anticipated step. Maybe next year they will be able to do so.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our predictions gone bad on Thursday in our normal “Turkey” slot. Think of them as our turkeys if you will. Thanks so much.


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