Fantasy Hockey 201: Calling All Turkeys

Someone asked me the other day, what is the toughest time of year for fantasy hockey?

I can now danswer that. That day is April 11th this year. It is the day where this year ends and next year begins.

Now yes there are fantasy playoff pools but let us be honest, those are not the same. What multiplies the pain is if you lose a Finals because that loss lingers that much longer. However, the pain and mourning of the fantasy hockey season does pass when scouting for the new season begins.

When does someone start their scouting? Honestly I start early and most people do now too. Honestly, I am right as I type this. Scouting helps us not only spot present turkeys, but potential future turkeys as well.

We are also drawing close for the season ending turkeys. So when the season ends April 10th, our hopeful goal is by April 15th in delivering a season ending turkey list to our readers. We know it will be tough but with help, this can be accomplished.

As the season does come to a close, scheduling does become easier. Usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are lighter nights with Tuesday and Thursday being heavier nights. Saturday is the most important night in the fantasy week and Sunday just cements things normally. That is the logical order of progression normally.

Here is a quick breakdown of the amount of games for the next calendar week (April 1st to April 7th) for us here at Fantasy Hockey 201.

Friday:  4

Saturday:  11

Sunday:  7

Monday:  2

Tuesday:  9

Wednesday:  8

Thursday:  4

Please note the pattern shift next week. Why is that? Well because many teams down the stretch have back to back games so not surprisingly Tuesday and Wednesday have a moderate to moderately high amount of games. This potentially means good news for the fantasy hockey GM. Also that Saturday-Sunday combo to end this fantasy week is intriguing as well. Keep an eye on your rosters particularly on those players who are “turkeys” on the back end of back to backs. That could mean the difference between going for glory and just going home.

Now coming up with turkeys this week was tougher than most because honestly there were so many which is why we provided a little extra background into what the schedule looks like for the upcoming week. There may also be another surprise column on Monday as well.

Who is on the turkey list this week?

Let us find out.

Turkey Time:

1. T.J. Oshie (St. Louis)

The reasons are obvious to everyone. Not only has he not produced of late but his immaturity cost him two games for missing a practice.

Now it depends on who you believe as far as how deep this problem goes. However it is clear that St. Louis does not mess around when it comes to players who act like spoiled brats.  Oshie is a good guy no question but still a little young. That much is apparent.

Considering that Oshie had 30 points in 44 games, losing him for two important games this week had to hurt considerably even if early on. Imagine how many points maybe he could have gotten in that 10-3 shellacking of Detroit.

2. Michael Cammalleri (Montreal)

We get them wrong here on IH at times and Cammalleri just has never really developed a consistent rhythm all year. Even though he had a goal and an assist in his last two games of the week, Cammalleri has not taken over games like he did in the late stages of late year and in the playoffs. Simply put, two points in his last five games with a minus-7 rating is not going to get the job done for fantasy owners.

Cammalleri is averaging over three shots a game in the last two weeks but just barely. For this forward to be effective, he has to shoot more. If he does not soon, Montreal may just end up on the golf course.

3. Detroit Red Wings

Yes we pull out the team honor in honor of Wednesday Night’s 10-3 home loss to the Blues. No one could make this up if we tried but Detroit has given up 10 before to St. Louis and that happened on April 14th, 1986.

Jiri Hudler was a minus-4 but Nick Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski were both a minus-3 along with several others. No Blue player was more than a plus-3. Yes that is kind of odd but the whole Detroit team just laid an egg.

Clearly the older team was gassed and it showed in a big week. Expect them to get it together but the last two games, Detroit was clearly lacking vigor. Surely other teams have taken notice.

A Quick Dishonorable Mention……

1. Ales Kotalik – This way to Abbotsford……..

2. Rick DiPietro – This way to Bridgeport…..or the KHL.

3. Colorado Avalanche – So bad that Quebec does not even want them back.

Well that does it for this week. Join us next week for a double helping of Fantasy Hockey 201 and good luck with your fantasy leagues. Have at it with those comments.


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