Fantasy Hockey 201: Alpha Turkey Omega?

Often it is said this time of year that there is no more dead feeling in the world than losing a round in the playoffs because of a “fantasy turkey”. That was the original inspiration in creating this column. No one wants to see these turkeys get away with it so to speak.

In honor of this, there will be a special set of awards for the end of the season. The first one may just be the Alexei Kovalev Memorial Lifetime Award for fantasy ineptitude above and beyond. There may also be a special turkey for “The War Of French And Clam Chowder” award as well (Boston and Montreal). It is that kind of year where we will even have an award in honor of injuries known as the Justin Williams Award. If there are any more awards, you would like to see, then please put them down in the comments section.

Now this week we have been told to come up with three fantasy turkeys and one can not be Tomas Kaberle. This was instructed to us gently by management in the most subtle of ways. Also, Zdeno Chara will not be anywhere near this not so illustrious list of three this week either. The problem that often develops this time of year is the challenge of finding the newest of turkeys because the old ones seemingly want to keep coming back. No one should be shocked by this at all and yet it keeps happening over and over again.

The goalie debate has even picked up because usually there is almost always one turkey that is a goaltender. This was never really a scripted rule but just one that seemed to go according to the original blueprint.

Reality dictated that there was a need to nominate a few players from cellar dwellers just because they have been so horrendous in the last week or two. It is time to see who has sunk low enough to make our turkeys for this week. As always, the turkeys are determined by fan input. Just scour around some forums, message boards, blogs, and websites, and it is real easy to see who has stunk up the joint for fantasy owners out there.

The time has come to see who the turkeys are for this week in your fantasy hockey leagues.


1. Sergei Bobrovsky, G, Philadelphia — Bobrovsky has hit a wall to a point in March as he has given up 21 goals in seven appearances (six starts). He was also yanked once as well. The 2-3-1 record and the performances have been too inconsistent for a guy who was looking at the least fairly solid going into this month. The .884 save percentage has been brutal along with the over 3.00 GAA. Trending like this is expected to continue until the end of the season especially without Chris Pronger in the lineup. Stay far far away if you can of course.

2. Eric Staal, C, Carolina — This one may just seem very unfair but Staal is a goal scorer right? His last goal came exactly three weeks ago back on March 4th. Three assists in his last seven games is not going to get it done for fantasy rosters who are depending on this point a game guy. Who knows when he will pick it up but he is expected back in action tomorrow night. Maybe a little time off did him some good. Surely we will find out and quickly.

3. Clarke MacArthur, LW, Toronto — Yes this one also sounded awfully cold hearted but at press time Carey Price was not an option. He has only four points in his last nine contests and just one goal during that span. If he wants to be a bit more fantasy relevant, he needs to score when it counts not just when it does not. When the stakes are raised, it is at that time when a guy like MacArthur needs to make his presence felt and he has not done so. Will he get it going in the final weeks? It would be nice for Toronto’s sake anyway.


Now what would be a dishonorable mention? Well for next week, we will close out the month with our dishonorable mentions of the month along with our usual three turkeys. Good luck with your fantasy leagues and we will see you next Thursday for more craziness and fantasy insanity.

Do not forget our special Fantasy Hockey Awards show on April 17th at 8pm ET. Now that should be worth the price of admission. Aloha.


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