Exclusive Steven Stamkos Interview

With special thanks to Shaheed Devji and Zameer Karim of The Press Box.

1. How does it feel to finally sign your first NHL contract?

Stamkos: It feels great to finally get this out of the way; it’s just a dream come true for me and I’m very excited.

2. Your favorite video game is NHL 08, so what’s the better system: Xbox 360 or PS3?

Stamkos: I’ve had more success with the Xbox 360, a lot of us had that in Sarnia. We’d have some tournaments all the time so it was good fun.

3. Rumor has it that your favorite TV show is One Tree Hill?

Stamkos: Yeah, I had never heard of that show before I came to Sarnia but a couple of the older guys got me into it and it’s a pretty good show. There’s really nothing much on during the day when we’re off so we like to watch that.

4. If you had to pick a character that’s most like you on that show, who would that character be?

Stamkos: Probably Nathan Scott, he’s a pretty athletic guy but I stay out of trouble and keep my nose clean; he didn’t do a very good job of that. But that’d probably be the most comparable.

5. Who’s your favorite actor?

Stamkos: Denzel Washington.

6. What’s your favorite Denzel Washington movie?

Stamkos: Remember The Titans, that’s always been a classic and my favorite movie of all time so I always think of that one.

7. Are you addicted to the craze Facebook?

Stamkos: You know what, I was but with all the commotion and my busy schedule I haven’t really had a lot of time to check it out, but it’s probably the most viewed page on my web.

8. Are you in any groups that might be surprising to any of your fans?

Stamkos: Nothing too surprising, probably the “Keep the Neck Guards Out of the OHL” when it first came out. I wasn’t a big of that but other than that, no surprises.

9. What’s your favorite sport outside of hockey?

Stamkos: Probably baseball, I loved baseball growing up; I played and any time I get a chance to play with the buddies I do. Golf as well, every hockey player loves golf.

10. Who’s your favorite MLB player?

Stamkos: That’s a tough one, I have a few. Ken Griffey Junior’s a great player, I always loved watching him. He was a pretty good outfielder and hitter so I’d probably have to go with him. But right now, you got [Derek] Jeter at shortstop; I played shortstop as a kid so I always looked up to him.

11. What origin is the name “Stamkos”?

Stamkos: That’s Macedonian.

12. What’s your favorite Macedonian meal?

Stamkos: Macedonian and Greek are pretty close so you got the souvlaki with the potatoes, rice, and Greek salad so that’s always a good meal for me.

13. You played with Cody Hodgson. What’s the low down and what will he bring to the Vancouver Canucks?

Stamkos: You guys have got a great player there. I played minor hockey with him and I played against him in the Ontario Hockey League. He works hard every game, he competes, he’s a great offensive player, he’s going to put up a lot of points and he’s definitely a two-way player as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the jump right away this season, with the lack of the center position, and the controversy with Mats Sundin, whether he comes or not, that’ll hurt or help his chances. You’ve got a very good player and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the team this year.

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Stay tuned for more exclusive coverage from the 2008 Tampa Bay Lightning Prospects Camp in Victoria, British Columbia.

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