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Dougie Hamilton has exploded into the spotlight this year as a superstar on the Bruins’ defense. I constantly refer to him as the “Justin Bieber of the NHL.” To be frank, I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin Bieber started wearing Dougie’s jersey to add to his “swagger”.

Hamilton is the 19-year old that is frequenting Bruins fans’ conversations, Tweets and yes, even Facebook statuses.  Contrary to Bieber’s fan base, everyone is gushing over Hamilton. It’s not just a specific gender or age group that can’t get enough of him. Men and women, old and young, sports reporter or fan, Dougie is the man – excuse me, teenager – who everyone is talking about.

No one is shocked when fans describe him as the “coming of the Christ.” If he continues to perform, he will likely be a fixture of the Bruins’ defense for a long time to come. It was recently confirmed that Hamilton will stay in Boston for the entire season.

He truly has qualities of some of the greats. Coach Julien recently compared Hamilton to that of Hall of Famer Larry Robinson, who played defense for the Montreal Canadians.

“He’s tall, and he’s not going to run anybody through the boards,” said Julien. “But he’s solid and he moves the puck well and sees the play well. I think everybody knows Larry was a pretty good player.”

I’m curious if Larry Robinson popped into Claude’s head first when comparing Hamilton, solely on the color of his hockey flow.

Like any rising star, the fans want more of the Toronto-native red-head. Social media has been buzzing with songs, t-shirts and videos. This buzz is not to be outweighed by his performance on the ice and his first career NHL goal against the New York Rangers last week. After Hamilton scored, I heard the city of Boston was working on creating a holiday for the rookie. No no, kids, we still have school, it was more of a joke, but feel free to sport your “Teach Me How to Dougie” t-shirts to class. Fellas, I apologize in advance if the girls have cleaned the shelves, you are going to have to be quicker than that.

With a simple search of Twitter, I was able to come across some great Tweets from various Dougie fans:

Tyler Lawson (@Tlaw412) tweets, “Sometimes I look at Dougie Hamilton who plays for the bruins, makes bank, and is my age and wonder… What the hell am I doing with my life?”

Aw Tyler, don’t get so down! I’m sure you will grow up to do mediocre things. And as far as your comment regarding Dougie making bank, I’m not sure what your definition of bank is but yes, he is definitely making more than minimum wage. Keep it up sport!

Down Goes Brown (@DownGoesBrown) tweets, “Wait, Dougie Hamilton was drafted with a pick from the Kessel trade? Why does nobody ever mention this?”

Thanks for mentioning it Down Goes Brown. Please remember to send Phil Kessel a Thank You note, signed by the City of Boston.

Matt Kahlman (@TheBruinsBlog) tweets, “Lindy Ruff was fired but Dougie Hamilton is still 19 years old.”

Oh the irony!

The Bruins have been very successful this season with Dougie Hamilton, but let’s not forget the success Cali Swag District has felt since their original release date for “Teach Me How to Dougie” on April 13, 2010. I’d be curious to see what their iTunes sales are currently trending at.

Dougie Hamilton and the Boston Bruins face the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight at 7:30 PM.


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