Crosby Won’t Be Ready For Training Camp?

Most of you have probably heard about the huge Sidney Crosby buzz that started on Twitter earlier this week.  This past Sunday evening an unsuspecting Josh Rimer, NHL Home Ice Producer on SiriusXM Radio, tweeted the following:

Also hearing from 3 sources now that Sidney Crosby won’t b ready 2 start season. I hope its not true because the NHL needs its best players!

And as you can imagine, the rumors began.  That single, 140-max-character tweet was re-tweeted 100+ times by everyone including the most informed professional hockey / Pens writers all across Twitter in a matter of minutes.  In fact, it caused such a stir that the Penguins GM, Ray Shero, himself had to schedule a media conference for the next day (and spoke to Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Penguins beat writer, Rob Rossi, who posted an article and blog post about it that same night) to calm the [Pens] masses.  With that one tweet, Rimer inadvertently caused a frenzy that may have grown out of a simple intention to gain a few more followers, but ultimately led to a controversy some fans are still talking about and debating.

The deal with all of this is that not one thing about this whole Crosby situation had/has changed from prior to this tweet until after (or since).  But because there hasn’t been any real word on Crosby’s progress up until this point (aside from that single, amateur video posted to YouTube of Crosby skating in Halifax) and most Penguins fans have been waiting with bated breath for any news, a mole hill quickly turned into a mountain.

We would’ve surely been happy with just that video.  Watching it didn’t lead anyone to draw any conclusions and it didn’t leave things open for debate; it was just a few minutes of Crosby skating on a rink and something for us to enjoy until the hockey season started up again.  It was neither positive or negative, but it was something and it was at least a little more than what we previously had and it was (what all of this has always been since the moment he suffered his concussion during the 2011 Winter Classic back on January 1st) another step toward his return.  No one was in a hurry to mention the “what if’s” and that was ok.

Until that now-infamous tweet …

Even now, nothing has really changed (the realistic possibilities, those “what if’s,” were just brought to light a bit too prematurely without much to base it on).  Besides, being ready or not for training camp is one thing; being ready to play at any point in the hockey season is entirely another thing.

So once again, we wait.  All of us fans will wait until pre-season comes around and the guys file back into Pittsburgh for the start of training camp and maybe then we’ll begin to wonder and maybe even worry about how Crosby has progressed and what that means for whether or not he’ll play this season.  And we should probably hold off on any rash judgements or needless panicking until then as well; not only because it’s less stressful, but also because both Shero and Bylsma have said they are dealing with Crosby’s progress similarly. And if nothing else, we should learn from Rimer’s tweet and realize nothing positive came out of it.

Regardless of any of this and whether or not you’re a Crosby fan, Rimer got one thing right in his tweet and that’s the fact that hockey just isn’t the same without Crosby, so we should probably all be hopeful for a positive outcome.

Pens’ Adams Undergoes Appendectomy

The Penguins announced earlier this afternoon that Craig Adams underwent a successful laparoscopic appendectomy surgery this past Friday.

Adams’ rehabilitation is not expected to interfere with training camp since it is to last around four weeks.


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