Canuck Quips from Media Day

So who says hockey players aren’t good quotes?

The NHL took a page out of the NFL’s playbook Tuesday and served up a Stanley Cup media day that looked a lot like the Super Bowl’s. With swarms of scribes on hand, the hometown Vancouver Canucks offered up these gems.

Ryan Kesler, when asked about the hordes of media on-hand:
“You guys aren’t that bad. Sometimes you guys are a little too much but I like the way (the NHL is) doing  it. It’s good to do it this way. Have one day and kind of get it all out of the way.”

Roberto Luongo, when asked if he’s looking forward to the media day being over more than the actual puck drop:
“Well the faceoff is what I’m looking forward to more… but this is fun. It’s a fun day even though there’s a lot of people here and you get asked a lot of different questions, but it’s part of the whole circus that goes along with the final and you’ve got to embrace that stuff.”

Kevin Bieksa, when asked if there’s something the Canucks organization does differently than others around the league:
“There’s a lot of attention to detail. We do a lot of little things I don’t think other teams do. There’s obviously been a mention of sleep doctors, a travel doctor, mind doctor… there’s a lot of doctors around here.”


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