Canadian Athlete of the Year?

Canadian Athlete of the Year is something that is not always a hockey issue. However, with the list of candidates including Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews, it’s hard to ignore it. Disagree if you’d like but I believe in Canada it’s a two horse race.

In the year of 2010 the Olympics were everything to our country, specifically, winning the gold medal. In a game that 35 million tuned in to, there were two heroes, Toews and Crosby. This game was such a key historic part of the nation’s legacy, Canadian athlete of the year absolutely has to be chosen from it.

To meet critics early I do realize the title is athlete of the year. However, the gold medal game was such a defining moment for Canadians it trumps all argument. Excuse me while I get sentimental.

Getting back to the discussion, the debate is whether Sidney, the scorer of the gold goal, or Toews best forward in the tournament should receive top honors. Crosby scored a key goal but the rest of his tournament play works against him. Toews played well enough all tournament to be given the best forward player award, and when it counted he scored. It may not have been the game winner but it was just as important to the others. To further pad Toews stat if we look at the rest of the year Toews won the two most coveted awards in the NHL, the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe (MVP of playoffs).

Personally, I have to support Jonathan Toews for Canadian athlete of the year. It simply makes too much sense. Toews was simply spectacular in ensuring that Canadians everywhere are filled with immense pride for their hockey team and country. That is what winning this award is all about.

Matt Reed
Writer for The Reed Review, Inside Hockey & The Hockey Writers


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