Campbell Rings Strong in Bruins Lineup

BOSTON– The transition from one level of play to the next can be quite daunting and often times is the cutting block for many athletes. Whether it’s the speed, the physical play or the pressure, some people just aren’t meant to advance to the next level, regardless of the sport.

But then there are those rookies that surprise people and outperform everyone’s expectations.

And the Bruins are fortunate enough to have more then their fair share of young talent with them.

One forward in particular, Gregory Campbell, has provided the Black and Gold with as many goals (seven) and more points, than highly touted second overall draft pick, Tyler Seguin.

Campbell’s paired with Shawn Thornton and centered by Blake Wheeler in a line that has provided the Bruins with some offense at the most crucial times in some recent games. Though Thursday’s matchup against the Sabres ended in a losing effort, this line continued to produce and perform. But perhaps more specifically, Campbell has been the biggest impact through and through.

“Well, I mean there’s no magic formula,” Campbell said about the production of his line. “We just try to work hard and compete, be responsible and play in the other team’s end more than we play in our end. And you know we’re our styles of play compliment each other. I mean there’s nothing fancy about the way we play, we just try to work hard, win all the little battles and attack the net.”

In his last seven games, he has accounted for four goals and four assists, while linemates Wheeler (1-6-7) in eight games and Thornton (0-3-3) in four games have also added significant numbers to the overall offense.

“I think we’re just trying to put pucks at the net,” Campbell said. “I mean more things happen out there and confusion happens, breakdowns happen when you put the puck on net and so I think we’re keeping it simple. You know the same philosophy that we’ve had from the beginning of the year, our line is just a working line and things are going in.”


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