Bulldogs Lose Another

At some point, fans in Hamilton might have to wonder if head coach Sylvain Lefebvre might just be the problem. The Hamilton Bulldogs dropped yet another game on Friday night, the loss was their sixth loss in a row and fifth straight to a division opponent.

The Bulldogs out played the Lake Erie Monsters in the first period and scored the first two goals of the game and some might even think that the first period was their best period of hockey this year but that was till the second period. Everything fell apart in the second period as the Monsters scored four goals in just over six minutes and chased Robert Mayer from the game.

“Its tough, we don’t know what to say, the morale is kind of low we get beat by the division teams all the time and it is the same type of games, we are just missing the last ten percent of our game” Bulldogs Joonas Nattinen said after the game.

In his last two starts, Robert Mayer has given up 9 goals on 34 shots and he did not finish either game. All four of the goals could be called questionable as they might not of been his fault. The Monsters third goal of the game came of the skate of Magnus Nygren. But the question is not of how the goals came, it is of how fast the goals have been coming which has changed the momentum every time the Bulldogs have something going for them.

Coach Lefebvre even called a time out after the second goal and that didn’t help, early in the season the Bulldogs were in a number of close games to start the season, in fact they played the first ten games which were decided by one goal, but lately, a couple visitor goals have completely changed the dynamics of most of the games on this losing streak.

“I think we are bit too weak from our head right now, like one or two goals turns the ship too quickly and easily against us right now, it should not be two goals behind and two goals behind should not mean anything to us” Nattinem said about quick changes to momentum in the most recent games.

The Bulldogs won’t have long to dwell on the loss, they will lace up the skates Saturday night once again against the Monsters in Cleveland on the second half of a back to back home and home series.

“After that way we played to tonight, you want to beat them as soon as possible” Nattinen said.

Before Friday’s game, coach Lefebvre held a team meeting at centre ice during practice and let the team know he was not pleased with the way the team has been playing of late. The Bulldogs need to play the full game to have a chance of winning.

“The main thing is we have to play 60 minutes, not just one period, that is not enough for us” Nattinen said about going into Cleveland Saturday night.


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