Game Six Plus/Minus: B’s-Habs

The Montreal Canadiens evened up their series versus the Boston Bruins with a 2-1 win.

This game featured many momentum streaks  but very little offense. The two goals from the Canadiens came on 5-on-3 chances. What caused the game results?

No. 5 – Carey Price

Price got back into his terrific form after struggling the last three games. He made some splendid saves to keep the Bruins off the board and really did not allow them to take any momentum.

Price was Montreal’s best penalty killer on Boston’s four power plays. The defense helped but the Habs goalie made a huge difference in this contest.

No. 4 – Brad Marchand misses golden opportunity

This seems similar to Game 1. Brad Marchand missed a wide open chance at the side of the net in a game the Bruins did not score a goal. This was a very similar chance as Zdeno Chara passed the puck across the crease to an open Marchand. He hit the post and it skirted to the corner and thus the chance ended.

Chara had gone up to the net with a great puck handling move, and passed the puck behind Price and Marchand was in prime scoring position. Marchand’s goal would have tied the game.

No. 3 – The Habs defense

The Canadiens have played a beautiful defensive style versus Boston in this series. They have placed a good box defense in front of the net and the Bruins have been unable to penetrate.

One problem is Boston keeps trying to skate through two Canadiens. Every single time they do that the two Montreal players squeeze the Boston player in and he loses possession of the puck. Nonetheless, Montreal has stuck to a good game plan.

No. 2- Cammalleri’s goal

Michael Cammalleri’s goal on an early 5-on-3 changed the way this game was played.

Once Montreal goes up they can fall into that defense and hold off the Bruins attack. When they are down they have to open up their style and sometimes can get burnt.

Montreal’s gameplan should focus on getting ahead early in the contest. If they can do that then they can do some damage.

No. 1 – Lucic’s penalty

I hate saying officials had an impact but they did. After a game where I really respected the way they reffed they came out tonight and destroyed the flow of the game.

A few of those calls for the Bruins and Canadiens were unnecessary and the Milan Lucic call was the worst. The play was definitely a boarding minor, but if Jaroslav Spacek did not go down then it would not have been a misconduct. Things were was very inconsistent tonight for both sides.

The Bruins host the Canadiens tomorrow night in Game 7.


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