Bruins’ Prospects a Tweet Above the Rest

With the work ethic that is shown by the prospects attending the 2011 Boston Bruins Development Camp, it is easy to forget that most of the players are only in their late teens and early twenties. However, if you log onto Twitter, you will find that the prospects are part of a growing number of young athletes that use the social media site as a way of connecting with friends, family, and fans.

Both Ryan Button and Zach Trotman have Twitter accounts. However, the most avid Twitter user out of the group would have to be top Boston Bruin’s prospect Jared Knight. Knight is one of the best young forwards in the Bruins organization; and he is also a favorite among Bruins fans on Twitter.

“For me its great because you get to interact with the fans,” said Knight, “and even with Facebook you can’t really interact with them, Twitter is new and I love it.”

“I really like reading what they have to say,” said 16-year-old Bruins fan Alyssa. “I follow Tyler Seguin’s Twitter, but I think the prospects are better at talking with the fans and tweeting more. Ryan Button is pretty funny, like when he was tweeting about the Stanley Cup run. Jared is  probably my favorite Bruin on there.  You get to see a different side to the players that you don’t see when watching a game. It’s really cool.”

And it’s not just the over one-thousand followers that Knight has on Twitter who like reading what the young Providence Bruins star has to say, he seems to like it just as much as his fans do.

“I’m actually addicted,” joked Knight after practice, “I wake up in the morning and see who has tweeted me and check how many followers I have, so it’s really cool.”

Ryan Button is another Providence Bruin who seems to have a growing fan base, but it seems as though Knight might have him beaten, at least when it comes to the number of followers and tweets he has on the social media site.

“Ryan [Button] doesn’t use his much,” explained Knight with a smile, “I told him to [use it more], but he doesn’t.”

From the sounds of it, defenseman Zach Trotman could also use a little help when it comes to getting more followers. “I tweet a little bit, but there aren’t so many fans on there yet. There’s a couple of guys that are pretty big into it, but I’m not there yet.”

Twitter is also a reminder to the fans that even though these prospects are all business on the ice, off of it they are still like to enjoy themselves in some friendly competition. Knight tweeted after day two of camp was over, telling the fans a little bit more about the bonding that goes on among the prospects: “Paintballing, gotta get my game face on, don’t want @buttsy78 [Ryan Button] sniping me.”

For the talented prospects that the Bruins have this year, the drive to be the best doesn’t stop when they leave the ice, even if it is just for a game of paintball, and that is exactly what it takes to win over the fans and followers in Boston.

You can follow these prospects on Twitter: Jared Knight @Jknight97, Ryan Button @buttsy78, Zach Trotman @Ztrotman4


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