Bruins Keep On Truckin’

“Keep on trucking’” is a simple phrase that means to stay focused on a particular job, but one that defines the Bruins’ season perfectly, especially during their current six-game win streak.

After the first month of the season the Bruins were 3-7, the Boston “faithful” were jumping off the bandwagon. People were complaining about the lack of offense, the disappearance of heart, drive, and pride that the Bruins showed last year. It was becoming so bad that people were joking that a winning streak for the Bruins was “back-to-back days off.” But the B’s kept on truckin’.

November has been a different story. The Bruins have switched lanes and are currently on a six game win streak. They’ve scored goals by the truck load (34 goals) and Tyler Seguin, Patrice Bergeron, and Brad Marchand have formed one of the most exciting convoys the Bruins have seen in a long time. This line is exciting to watch and when you realize that Bergeron is the oldest of the three at 26 years old, the potential to have this line playing together for years to come should excite every fan.

The Bruins have also been playing more physical lately. Nothing exemplifies this more than the controversy surrounding the Milan Lucic/Ryan Miller collision that happened on November 12th. During the first period of the game, Lucic lost control of the puck on a potential breakaway and trucked Miller when he had come out of his crease to play the puck. Lucic received a 2 minute minor penalty for charging. Miller stayed in the game for the remainder of the first but left after the second period with a sore neck. Buffalo has since stated that Miller suffered a concussion on the play. After a phone meeting with NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan, it was determined that there would be no further disciplinary actions taken against Lucic.

The goaltending has also been great during the winning streak. Opposing teams must think they really are facing a tank in net the way Tim Thomas has been playing lately. The last three games that Thomas has started he is 3-0 with a 1.67 GAA, stopping 73 out of 78 shots for a 9.36 save percentage and has one shutout. Tuukka Rask is also a force to be reckoned with as of late. In his last two starts he is 2-0 with a 2.50 GAA and a .911 save percentage.

Hopefully the Bruins will stay on the winning track. They face their first road trip of the season playing three of the next four games on the road, including a rematch against Buffalo and Miller on November 23rd. But if the Bruins “keep on truckin’” there’s no doubt they’ll keep up their winning ways.


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