Bruins’ Fourth Line Wins Game Three

The Boston Bruins’ made the series 3-0 last night against the New York Rangers, with the help of the fourth line savages. With a scoreless first period, the Rangers were able to put one on the board during the second period. The fourth line answered by putting two goals by Lundquist in the third. Boychuck rifled one off from the top of the circle, he is absolutely a force to be reckoned with when he can control his shot. With less than four minutes remaining in the third, Paille was able to capitalize on a good bounce in front of the net and make Lundquist question himself.

Without solid goaltending, the fourth line’s triumphs would be obsolete.

Post-game, Bergeron mentioned that, “Tuukka gives us a chance to win every time he steps out on the ice.”

Rask’s goaltending has been on point throughout the playoffs this year. After ten games, Tuukka is 7-3, which is identical to that of Tim Thomas’ record after ten games in the 2011 Playoff series. Coincidence? You be the judge. In 2011, Thomas had a save point average of .931 after ten games and Tuukka is at a close .930. Thomas’ GAA was at 2.24 in 2011 and currently Tuukka comes in at a 2.19.

High sticks were a dime a dozen in last night’s game, but the New York Rangers were not willing to stand up to the likes of Shawn Thornton after some unnecessary roughness.

The rookie defensemen have certainly answered Claude’s prayers during the last three games of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Krug has averaged a point a game and with a last name like that I thought he’d be more of a terror, but he is proven to be quite the opposite. It is quite clear that Hamilton, Krug, and Bartowski have stepped up to the plate and have earned their spots here in the Bruins Playoff lineup.  The fate of Seidenberg, Redden, and Ference are still uncertain but it may be Claude’s better judgment to keep the rookies in tact based on their phenomenal performance thus far.

Game Four is scheduled for 7:30 PM tomorrow at Madison Square Garden. Be prepared to get your brooms out.


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