Bruins Fans Shouldn’t be too Quick to Quit

For the sake of PR, the Bruins players and Claude Julien didn’t want to make excuses for the Bruins’ poor performance in last night’s 4-1 Capitals schlacking. And really, no one could cover the fact that the team had one foot on the plane already to Belfast– a 12 day stint across seas is something that tends to overwhelm anyone.

So should fans, then, be upset about this game and performance showcased last night?


Folks, it’s preseason. Yes, they should be working hard and blah blah blah, but this is the time where players learn about each other and their respective techniques and game styles. You can’t expect them to go out on the ice and instantly gel and become the top lines in the NHL. It’s just unrealistic and quite frankly isn’t going to happen. They have to go out in a game situation and experiment and find what does and doesn’t work, and that sometimes includes failing. So if your expecting smooth sailing and brilliant games through preseason, just don‘t watch.

Now, frustrating? Absolutely. I mean frustration is something that is in the foundation of every Boston fan–it’s what they are built on. Is it frustrating having to watch the new guys make mistakes and heck, even some of the veterans one or two steps behind the play? There’s no doubt, but you cannot base the entire rest of the season on a couple of games that don’t count. Chances are, they recognized the mistakes they made as they were happening and logged it away to be fixed.

That being said, they didn’t look too good last night and they have a lot to practice and learn, but at least it’s coming out now instead of the regular season. I mean, thank goodness we have a preseason, no?


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