Breaking Down the B.C. Eagles

After taking some time to let last weekend’s Frozen Four sink in, the first comment I want to make is that there is no shame in the Gophers or the Ferris State Bulldogs losing to the Boston College Eagles. The 2011-12 version of the Boston College Eagles is one of the best NCAA championship teams that I have seen in a very long time.

I was eviscerated by Gopher fans for my prediction that the Boston College Eagles would beat the Golden Gophers 5-1, I know I was off; the final score ended up being 6-1; silly me.

Losing to the Boston College Eagles should never be looked at as a “choke job,” either. I think we can put that notion to bed right now.

Let’s also not forget that Jerry York will be in the U.S. Hockey Hall of fame when he is done coaching, I would bet my next paycheck on that.

Let’s break York’s impressive record down further.

Currently, coach York is the winningest active Division I college hockey coach and he has been coaching for 40 seasons and started coaching during the 1972-73 season with the Clarkson Knights.

Coach York with 913 career wins and has a coaching record of 913-557-94 and an impressive record of 446-222-60 at Boston College.

York has led Boston College to ten Frozen Fours while he was the coach of the Eagles – 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012. York’s Eagles have four Frozen Fours at Boston College since the 2000-01 season.

Overall, York’s teams have also won an impressive 5 NCAA championships.

As a fan of team that has been beaten badly by the Eagles, let me just say I seen this act before and I really didn’t enjoy it very much. I am sure the Ferris State and Minnesota fans feel the same way a week later.

Let me just say this, the Boston College Eagles are a very good hockey team, they are strong in all three zones on the ice and we need to give credit where credit. There is no shame losing to the Eagles, many good teams have. Many more teams will fall victim to them in the future.

This season’s version of the Boston College Eagles won an unprecedented 19 games in a row and during that winning streak the Eagles didn’t give up more than three goals in any game. That’s impressive in any hockey league.

The last game the Eagles lost was when they were swept by the Maine Black Bears back on January 27-28 when the Eagles lost both games of a weekend series in Orono, Maine (3-4 L, 4-7 L).  Since the late January display of mediocrity, the Eagles were flawless.

After being swept by the Black Bears, the Eagles record stood at 14-10-1 and looked like they were an average bubble team and they were in the Pairwise Rankings. We all know how that turned out.

My question is, will team’s finally change the way they recruit (fast forwards, some of them under sized and a very mobile defense corps that play both ends of the ice well) based on the way the Eagles have steamrolled the opposition when they get to the Frozen Four?

Just for the record, Boston College only had 9 NHL draft choices on their roster, as opposed to the Minnesota Gophers, who had 17 NHL draftees.


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