Boston’s Inspiration: A Canuck?

There have been many stories of what inspired the Boston Bruins this season. Was it to save Claude Julien’s job? Was it the accidental rally song of Don’t Stop Believin’? Was it the postgame jacket?

Nope. It was a Vancouver Canuck. The Bruins looked down and out after losing the first two games of the Stanley Cup. Their first period in Game 3 looked lackluster at best at the start. It was then when one Canuck changed Bruins history forever.

Aaron Rome came in with a dirty hit on Bruins sniper Nathan Horton. Horton lay prone on the ice, his arm frozen up in the air. Concern was obvious on the ice as it took more thsn 20 minutes to cart the former Panther off the ice. And when he was, something happened in the black and gold soul of Boston.

In that first intermission, Zdeno Chara, the Bruins captain, stood up in the locker room. He said something along the lines of, “Win it for Horton.” I don’t know if what Chara said was what motivated Boston, but the incident with Horton may have been. The Bruins had been out physicaled all series up to that point. That had never really happen for them before, and the Horton hit was enough. TheĀ  Bruins had dealt with concussed superstars far too many times.

The Bruins came out with a bang, and scored just mere minutes into the period on the stick of Andrew Ference. Not only that, but they played with the edge that Boston had grown used to.

Rich Peverley went on to score two goals in game four, his first game replacing Horton on the top line. Horton went on to be introduced to the crowd in game six, and he poured the Garden ice onto the Rogers Arena rink.

The Bruins seemed to get more and more motivated to win this for Horton as the series. When he lifted the cup, it was just a moment for the Bruins that they could be proud of. They had done it, and won it without their sniper and they had won it for him.

Aaron Rome? He motivated the Bruins to go out and win that series. If he hadn’t laid out Horton with a terrible, awful and disgraceful hit, the Bruins may not have won it.

He should get his name on the cup with the rest of the Bruins. What he did to contribute to the series was just as much as any Bruin.


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