Best Apps for Hockey Enthusiasts

Google Play58% of Americans own a smartphone, a stat backed up by the Mobile Technology Fact Sheet released by the PewResearch Internet Project. In addition, 34% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones, instead of other device such as a laptop or a computer.

Aside from accessing the internet, another reason people are so into smartphones is because of mobile apps. According to Nielsen, 89% of people’s time spent on smartphones is through mobile apps. In this day and age there is an app for almost everything, even for hockey enthusiasts. Here are some of the best hockey apps currently on the market:

NHL Game Center

The NHL Game Center features hockey news, scores, updates and all the stats and team information you need. It has three versions: free, premium, and live. The free version offers the essential information and news a hockey fan would need. For $9.99 the premium version provides condensed games, game highlights on video and radio broadcasts of the game. The live version for $39.99 provides you with everything the other versions do as well as allowing you to watch live hockey games right on your mobile device.

Hockey Sounds

This app lets you play all of your favorite NHL team songs. You can set certain songs as your default ringer or use it as reminder tone for calendar events or your alarm clock every morning.

Hockey Nations 2011 THD

It is hailed as the best alternative to the actual game. It features stunning graphics and fun game play. By utilizing touch-screen controls, Hockey Nation puts you in the action as one of 14 international hockey teams.

When running these hockey apps, it is also important to make the most of your mobile gaming experience and you can do this by preserving your battery. Experts from mobile gaming app Pocket Fruity suggest adjusting the brightness of your screen to a more suitable, less energy-consuming level. This is relevant when using apps like Hockey Nations 2011 THD especially when you are away from any recharge points for long periods.

Do you have any other hockey apps in mind? Please let us know on the comment section below.


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