Battle of the Captains: Getzlaf vs Crosby

After an overtime win against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday, the Anaheim Ducks took to the ice on Friday to face off against a rare visitor, the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Ducks were hoping their momentum from Wednesday would carry over, while the Penguins were trying to forget their 5-2 loss to the Dallas Stars on the same night.

Both Ryan Getzlaf and Sidney Crosby won gold together for Canada in Vancouver last February, but it seemed as though any and all love between them was lost prior to the puck drop. About five minutes into the game the two fellow captains — and so-called faces of their respective franchises — were seen exchanging words across the benches, and on their following shared shift, got into a minor physical altercation, but it didn’t result in any penalties.

It was clear it was going to be a battle of the captains, but unclear who would come out on top.

After the first period, Crosby led Getzlaf in ice time by a mere four seconds, and each played seven shifts.

Getzlaf took the advantage when he scored the Ducks second goal at 12:22 in the second period. However, the advantage didn’t last long as Crosby retaliated with a goal of his own, five minutes later; his first goal since October 21st.

While they were even in points after the second period, Crosby took a firm lead in ice time with 14:11 compared to Getzlaf’s 11:39, and no, for those that are wondering, Getzlaf did not serve any time in the penalty box.

Crosby added to his upper hand early in the third when he scored his second goal of the evening, however around the seven-minute mark, Getzlaf had an opportunity to further the Ducks lead and even up the captaincy battle, but he floundered the puck and couldn’t get a shot off.

By the end of the game, Crosby’s total ice time was 22:34, beating out Getzlaf’s 20:12. Each captain had 21 shifts throughout the game and each were 100% on shots-to-goals conversions.

With two goals, Crosby edged out Getzlaf in the battle of the captains, but it was Getzlaf and the Ducks who got the last laugh.  The Ducks beat the Penguins 3-2, putting together their first back-to-back wins of the season.

The Ducks will close out their home-stand on Sunday, when the Nashville Predators come to Southern California.

Game Notes:

Getzlaf, and his linemate Corey Perry, each have a three-game point streak.

This was the 1,200th game of Teemu Selanne’s NHL career.

The Penguins went nearly eight minutes without a single shot on goal and got two within seconds of being short-handed.


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