Back in Black (and Yellow): Tim Thomas All Star Edition

It’s no secret that the past week or so has been a big one in the headlines for Tim Thomas; by now the story is old. The Boston Bruins goaltender opted out of participating in a team visit to The White House. A statement was made and that should have been the end of it. However, that wasn’t the case, especially with Thomas’ participation in the 2012 NHL All Star game. A hot topic in the media, it seemed like all outlets were out to get the real scoop on Thomas’ and his opinions. From the moment Thomas took the podium at media day all the questions were pointed at the aforementioned “incident” and the scrutiny was brought up again.

But wait, this is NHL All Star weekend and Thomas has been yet again this season nothing short of a shining star for his team. It might be safe to say that facing shots from some of the best players in the league is a bit easier than facing members of the media in both the United States and Canada. Thomas spoke to a select few members of the media post All Star skills competition tonight.

Pointing the spotlight in another direction, Thomas was pleased to be able to share in yet another career high moment with his teammate Zdeno Chara who blasted away the competition in the “hardest shot” portion of the night. How hard can Big Z fire that puck? 108.8 mph. A shot that Thomas has occasionally faced in practice from his Captain.

Thomas will take the ice tomorrow night (for at least 1 period) to round out the NHL All Star weekend before getting back to business in Beantown later this coming week.



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