Atlantic Outlook: Philadelphia Flyers

When you think of a team’s playing style you immediately think of the players who make up that style and make it work.  The Penguins are about speed and finesse, the Rangers are a grind-it-out spread offense and the Flyers are tough, gritty and relentless.  When drafting players these teams need to think about how this new recruit will fit into their specialized style of play.  To be successful as a Flyer you need size, strength and no fear.  Mike Testwuide fits this description perfectly.

At 6’3” and 210 pounds, Testwuide is the prototypical Flyer.  In addition to his size, Testwuide brings skill and determination to the team.  During his tenure at Colorado College, Mike combined his toughness with offensive production scoring a team best 21 goals in 39 games and finishing second on his team in total points.

Unable to find a home in Montreal as a Canadian or Washington as a Capitol, Mike Testwuide will soon discover that Philadelphia is where he was meant to be.  The Canadians and Capitols play a different style of hockey and may not have room for a Testwuide-type player but the Flyers sure do.  Even thought the Flyers seem overstocked at the forward position, his low-salary and high potential are just what the Flyers want right now.

Testwuide has high hopes for the NHL and is excited about how different the game is at the professional level.  “I think it’ll be a quick adjustment,” Testwuide said.  “Half-shields, fighting, that’s all stuff that comes with the game.  In college it’s kind of frustrating when you can’t do that stuff and you have to hold yourself back.  I don’t think it’ll be a hard adjustment.  I’m going to definitely have to raise that part of my game.”

With this type of addition to the team, the Philadelphia Flyers will not be losing their identity as a tough and gritty team anytime soon.


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