AHL ECQF Game Three: Bears Player Interviews

Below are the post-game interviews of Ryan Potulny, Chris Bourque and D.J. King following the Hershey Bears’ 4-3 overtime victory over the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins.

Bears’ forward, Ryan Potulny following the game.

Q: Discussing his game winning goal in overtime.

A: “There’s never a bad shot in overtime and have to keep your focus too, you can’t get too excited and be afraid to make mistakes. You got to stick with it and not change anything in overtime.”

Q: What did Mark French say to you in that timeout in overtime?

A: “He just said take a breath, I had a shot that just went wide and I think we were pushing hard there to try to get one and he took a timeout and said take a breath, stick with it don’t get frustrated and that’s what we did, a big time for the power play to get a goal there.”

Q: It could have been a deflating goal that they scored late in the game, why did it not turn out that way for you guys?

A: “Well it’s do or die for us and this team’s not ready to die I don’t think. We weren’t ready to end our season and we’re not going to give up that way, the guys battled hard and stayed with the game plan. It was huge for guys not to let down there, it could have been a letdown but this team’s getting going here.”

Q: What kind of traction does this give you guys following the win?

A: “Just got to take everything a try to build from it, but its one game. One thing I’ve learned from playoffs in my career is you can’t get too high or too low, the wins great and we’re going to enjoy it but when you head hits the pillow tonight we’re going to wake up tomorrow and prepare ourselves the same way. We’re not going to sit and dull on this one win we have a lot of work yet to do.”

Bears’ forward, Chris Bourque with the media following Hershey’s win.

Q: Talking about the win getting Hershey back in the series.

A: “Yeah its definitely huge, coming home playing in front of our fans we feel pretty comfortable here. I think it showed that we were more confident, making better plays and I think we played a really strong game. It’s a whole different series now its 2-1.Hopefully we get a good outcome Friday and see what we can do from there.”

Q: Why wasn’t the Penguins’ late third period goal deflating to you guys?

A: “This run we’ve had here for the last month seems like that’s been going on, so we try and stay positive and whenever stuff like that happens, its not like they took the lead there, they just tied it. We knew we were going to get another shot to win it and luckily we did in overtime.”

Q: Talking about taking a lead and scoring a power play goal for the first time in this series.

A: “Yeah, its really nice. Now we can really build off that win, now we’re going to have to come to work tomorrow and have a good day of practice and then come back on Friday.”

Bears’ forward, D.J. King discussing the game with the media following Hershey’s win.

Q: Talking about scoring his goal.

A: “I was just throwing it at the net, my role here is to work their defense and wear them down for our other lines and eventually just throw something in the net and something’s going to go in. Yeah, so keep throwing at the net and maybe get another lucky goal like that again.”

Q: Coach has good things to say about your impact both in game and in practice. Where do you see your role in that?

A: “I’m just an older guy and I think the way my attitude is towards all the younger guys just rubs off, just good things to say about them and just treat everyone with good respect. When they respect you it goes along way.”

Q: How big was getting a 2-0 start?

A: “It was good I mean, it was more of just getting a good start. We had a rough start in their building the last two games and that was what our big focus was just to meet their push and push harder at the start and to find our game as they game went on.”

Q: On getting the first power play goal of the series.

A: “Yeah, for sure. The big thing was our start, we just needed a good start so mentally we felt we were in the game and we got that good start and we just rolled form there.”

Q: How beneficial is having a goal scorer like Graham Mink on your line?

A: “It’s good. He’s a shooter and he knows with me and pistol (Andrew Carroll) were going to go to the net, but the thing I liked about Minker tonight is that he brought he played our style of game. We know we’re going to dump and chase and all that kind of stuff and he played just along with our line mates where he was playing in the corners.”

Q: It looked like you guys were trying to make a statement out there?

A: “Yeah, that’s obvious what our line does. We’re an energy line so we want to get the pick deep and we want to work them. Being at home now, every little bang you just hear the crowd give you a little bit of a boost and that’s what we wanted from the start.”

Q: How much do you think this changes the landscape of the series especially in the best of five?

A: “The big thing was our start, now we have a series now. We just believe now, not saying we didn’t before but just having that start now you never know in a best of five and as long as we have that start come Friday we’ll just go with that.”


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