A Devils Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special time in America for friends and family to gather. It’s my favorite holiday of the year, because this is when we can take time out and give thanks to the things that have happened in our lives. It’s a time that we can share with our friends and family over a traditional meal.

The Devils have a few Americans that will celebrate the day just like any other American. The Canadians… not so much. But the Swedes have it all planned out today. One Swede in particular will be experiencing his first Thanksgiving today.

“I don’t know what it is,” Mattias Tedenby said of the holiday. “We don’t have that in Sweden. I heard about it. [Henrik] Tallinder invited me home to his place to eat turkey.”

“I’ve been here long enough to pick up on the holiday,” Johan Hedberg said. “I think we’re supposed to go over to Tallinder’s.”

While Tallinder is hosting one of the many Thanksgiving dinners today, not everyone is celebrating the holiday today.

“I don’t really celebrate American Thanksgiving too much… being Canadian,” Travis Zajac said. “We’re not doing anything special… just watching football.”

But not all Canadians in the Devils locker room shared his sentiment.

“We do just the same old stuff everybody does,” Jason Arnott said of how his family will celebrate today. “The turkey dinner…we share with friends and family. We have family coming in for it. It will be a nice time.”

As is tradition on Thanksgiving for most households, everyone goes around the table and says what they are thankful for. These are the things the Devils are thankful for this season…

Tedenby: “To come over here [to the US]. Get the opportunity to play here. It’s been my dream since I was a kid. I’m thankful for that.”

Hedberg: “I am thankful for many things. I have a great family. I got a great way of living. I get to play hockey for a living. I am very, very lucky. I am so grateful for that and for a lot of things. More than anything, I’m thankful for my children and my wife.”

Zajac: “Family and friends, obviously. They’re big and support me through the year. Teammates. I’m lucky to play this game. I’m just thankful for that.”

Arnott: “I’m thankful for a healthy family…a healthy son, daughter and wife. Just overall family. Playing a sport that I’ve always loved and can play through it, along with all the guys in here.”

While everyone is loading up their plates today, make sure to take time to donate extra canned items and dried goods to your town’s local food pantry. A visit online to your local town’s food pantry will list the many items they need (and don’t need). Tis the season to be giving and sharing.

Above all, just dropping off a few items will give you a sensation of happiness for helping others in your town that have hit on hard times this year. After all, not everyone is as fortunate this year as they were last year. It’s the economy of our times.

Most recipients that benefit from the food pantry are the elderly living on a reduced income. Many are spending today’s holiday alone. They need company just as much as they do charity.

Enjoy the day. Share the Day. Give Back in Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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