2011 NHL Playoff Prediction Analysis

Every year hockey fans try their hand at predicting who will win each round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs; this is a time honour tradition.  There are several bloggers, writers and experts who post their predictions online but who has time to search the Internet for those predictions?  Well I did and found 100 first round NHL predictions, so don’t take one person’s advice on who should advance when you can see 100 predictions at once.



Washington Capitals against the New York Rangers:  I predict that the Capitals will win this series and it looks like 85% agreed with me.  Only 15% think the Rangers can pull off the upset.

Philadelphia Flyers against the Buffalo Sabres: I predict that the Sabres will pull off the upset here however I am in the minority here.  60% feel that the Flyers can overcome their goaltending issues and beat the Sabres.

Boston Bruins against the Montreal Canadiens: I predict that the Bruins will easily knock out the Canadiens and the majority agrees with me.  80% believe that the Bruins can overcome last years flop and move onto the second round.

Pittsburgh Penguins against the Tampa Bay Lightning: I predicted that the Bolts will win this series and this was the closest margin of the 100 predictions.  56% think that Tampa Bay will be able advance to the next round.



Vancouver Canucks against the Chicago Blackhawks: 14% of the projections think that the defending champion Blackhawks will be able to beat the Canucks for a third straight year.  This is Vancouver’s year as they are the most dominating team in the NHL and I predict that they will use this series as a statement series and beat Chicago in five games.

San Jose Sharks against the Los Angeles Kings: This is the most lopsided prediction as many feel the Kings injuries will be too much for them to overcome.  Only five people feel the Kings can beat the Sharks, I am guessing they are die-hard Kings fans.  I along with the other 95% think the Sharks will breeze past the Kings.

Detroit Red Wings against the Phoenix Coyotes: I am a die-hard Red Wings fan and therefore can’t vote against them, but it looks like I am not the only one who thinks they can move on.  81% believe Detroit will knock out Phoenix, in what could be the final NHL games in Arizona.

Anaheim Ducks against the Nashville Predators: The Predators have never won a playoff series in their history and even though I am in the minority here, 43%, I feel that this is the year they do it.  The Ducks have big time goaltender issues and Corey Perry won’t score enough to advance them to the second round.

Well hope this helps with your predictions.  Listed below are several of the sites that I found predictions on.

www.fantasyhockeycoach.com, www.dobberhockey.com, www.faceoff.com, www.nhl.com, www.rotoworld.com, www.sportsnet.ca, www.thn.com, www.easports.com, www.tsn.ca, www.ontheforecheck.com, www.puckmeplease.com, www.blearcherreport.com, www.unassistedsports.com, www.hockeybuzz.com, www.thecheapseats.ca, www.zambonination.com, www.capperspicks.com, www.yahoo.com, www.sportscounter.ca, www.realmoneyfantasyleagues.com, www.hockeyworldblog.com, www.warriorrinkrat.com, www.talk-sports.net, www.sportshaze.com, www.whatifsports.com, www.7thplayer.com, www.cbssports.com, www.fantasyhockey.usatoday.com, www.espn.go.com, www.msn.foxsports.com, www.cbc.ca/sports, www.fantrax.com, www.hockeydraft.ca, www.dailyfaceoff.com, www.sports-central.org, www.thehockeywriters.com, www.leaderpost.com/sports/, www.theprovince.com

For more fantasy hockey analysis, check out FantasyHockeyCoach.com.


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