2010 Rosie Awards (Part 3)

Welcome back to the final installment of the 2010 Rosie Awards! Today, yours truly will honor the best moments provided by the hockey media. Let’s get started with our first performance.

Over the past few years, Bostonians have become accustomed to Jack Edwards providing the play-by-play duties as the voice of the Bruins. They have also become accustomed to Edwards being quite the homer towards the Bruins. And they have also gotten accustomed to local sports radio stations posting parodies such as the Jack Edwards Laugh Box (as heard on WEEI and seen in the 2009 edition of the Rosie Awards).

However, this parody tops all and is a must listen for those who haven’t heard this yet. So without further ado, here is a version of “New Jack Edwards” as heard on Toucher and Rich from 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Who knew that Jack was such a talented artist? Perhaps he should consider this “New Jack” gimmick as a side job. One can only hope.

Once again, we kick off with a bang and we head straight into the award portion. Keep in mind no nominees were announced beforehand so I’ll announce the winners right away.

Our first award is given to the one who provided quite the opinion on a certain sports radio station up north. This passionate Montreal Canadiens fan let his voice heard after the Habs fell to the Washington Capitals in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series and headed back to Washington down three games to one in the best of seven series.

That said, the winner of the rant of the year goes to…Angry Sal from Montreal. Here is Sal’s rant from that faithful day in April on Team 990.

Isn’t it ironic that the Habs came from behind to beat the Caps in that best of seven series?

Yes, even though the Habs made a triumphant comeback to defeat the Caps in seven, Sal’s rant is one that will be remembered for quite awhile.

Sticking with the Habs theme for a minute, our next performance comes from a parody of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Here it is, the Habs Romance Song (you figure out the artist).

Those were the “glory days” of the recent history of the Canadiens franchise. Although I hear this goalie known as Carey Price is doing quite well right now. Who knew?

Up next, we honor the competiveness of the media in the Media Rivalry of the Year. This one revolutionizes the hockey media as a whole more so than the Larry Brooks-John Tortorella rivalry.

With that, the winner of the Media Rivalry of the Year is…The Blogosphere vs. The Mainstream Media.

In this fight for player access in the locker rooms, the rivalry has taken full force in the new NHL as we have entered the digital age. Online websites, blogs and other forms of social media like twitter have provided insightful information whether they’re breaking the news of a recent trade or they’re providing an opinion on the teams performance in this 24 hour news cycle.

And even though there are some who have embraced this new form of media, there are others like Toronto Star columnist Damien Cox who has not. While I could go on and on all day about Cox’s tirades about the blogosphere, which are obviously well documented, I’d rather direct you to the link to this clip that ran about a month ago on the The Score, a sports channel up in Canada. Perhaps its time to change with the times…

On a lighter note, it’s now time to honor the team who gave out the best promotional campaign. And the winner is…the Boston Bruins.

Here is one of the team’s many entertaining ads with Bruins Hockey Rules. Pay close attention to this one…

Sticking with promotions we will now honor the team who had the best individual ad. And the winner is…the Atlanta Thrashers

This ad just debuted a few days ago and is a welcomed addition –albeit last minute – to the show. In this ad, Atlanta’s mascot – Thrash – gets pulled over after a slow speed chase for some typical mascot shenanigans. Here are the clips for your entertainment.

For those in the Atlanta area who are still pondering to buy Thrashers tickets as a holiday ticket and watch a good product on the ice then perhaps these ads will help you make the decision.

While the Thrashers might be desperate to try to get people to watch their exciting team, this ad definitely deserves bonus points for creativity.

And finally, to end the 2010 Rosie Awards, here’s a creative goal celebration from a high school game in Missouri.

Yes, this was the easiest way to end the show. Thank you YouTube

That concludes the third annual Rosie Awards. See you at the same time next year. Happy Holidays from me and all the other fine folks from the Inside Hockey team!


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