2 Minutes For Diving

For those of you fans who oppose the shootout, hopefully you caught the NBC Game of the Week between the Blackhawks and Red Wings.  If you did, I’m sure it would change your mind. Pavel Datsyuk, Jonathan Toews, Henrik Zetterberg, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa, Dan Cleary, Patrick Sharp, and last but not least…. Todd Bertuzzi. 

Now Bertuzzi is great to watch, if it was 2003.  However, he had a beautiful spin move and roofed one on his backhand.  Watching each one of these guys run out and attempt to score was like watching an All-Star Game.  Datsyuk’s pause and flip move was the highlight.  I have to say that I’m one of those who don’t feel the game should be settled on breakaways but I couldn’t help but get to my feet as I watched the shootout in this one.

As the dust has settled on the Winter Classic, everyone is speculating on not only where the next one will be but how many of them there will be.  From having two games in one day in Canada and the US to toying with southern locations to making it the replacement for the All-Star Game, everyone has a thought.  Here’s my thought; don’t mess with success. 

I had the honor of having a ticket to the game at Fenway and it truly was an experience like no other I had at a hockey game.  Now there are some kinks to work out like some seats not being able to view the whole ice or the need for more monitors around so those who can’t see can follow.  I honestly felt that no one cared about that and it was more about being there. 

One absurd idea I’ve heard was having the game at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  That would be a disaster.  First off, who are the Stars going to play that would draw interest?  The way they are playing right now, their own fans don’t even want to see.  These games need to be kept in traditional markets. Also, let’s not add more outdoor games.  Remember the 80’s when the Motley Crue’s and the Def Leppards ruled the rock world?  Well then came along the Warrant’s and the Winger’s and ruined the genre.  Having a game in Dallas would be the “Cherry Pie” of the Winter Classics.

I was watching the Canadiens and Senators on Hockey Night in Canada this past Saturday and even on TV you can feel the energy of the Bell Centre.  Now that the Molson Brothers have returned to owning the Habs, it makes me wish they’d return the building to the original name of the Molson Centre.  I’m more motivated by a sponsor to drink a beer than to make a phone call, especially when that phone call is to my wife after several of those beers explaining my whereabouts.

This M. Brodeur is really making a case for a possible Vezina run.  That’s right, MIKE Brodeur is really showing something.  In the three games he’s played in since Ottawa fired their goaltending coach (like that’s the problem), he’s posted a GAA of 1.00, is 3-0, and has a shutout.  Oh yeah, and Martin is doing ok.

Finally, I’ve never been a big fan of Georges Laraque because I really don’t see what value he adds being in the NHL.  However, in seeing him speak about his connection to the horrific disaster of the earthquake in Haiti, it made me see a side of him I didn’t know existed.

Laraque’s parents were born there and he has a lot of family still in the country, some of which he hasn’t heard from yet.  I respect him using his hockey celebrity to draw the much needed attention that Haiti is in need of.  It kind of puts things into perspective that hockey is just a game and when you watch the footage of what’s going on there, we should all take a moment to realize how lucky we are to have what we have. 


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